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Ordinarily Beautiful  does everything for you! Hassle free, All you worry about is having fun! We make sure everything goes perfect through out your event and provide everything necessary. All you supply is electricity and space for our tables or cart. All setups are personalized as desired. Our setups follow your theme and colors, tying into your event. Our attendants will serve your guests with heart-warming smiles and amazing customer service, its hard to say no! We know how important it is for your event to run smoothly and in a timely matter.


Brighten up your party with delicious & hard to resist cotton candy made fresh at your party! Affordable prices and amazing smiles all around! All table or cart setups are personalized to your event and theme! Our cotton candy barista's cater to you and your guest, so you can just have fun! Let us worry about serving and making sure everything runs smoothly through out your event!

“Taste the Beauty”

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